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Welcome to the Helton Family Website!

Resting in Peace

New Haven Cemetery near Ridgely, TN


New Photo Galleries from the Funeral are on Elsie Mae's page....more coming


Our hearts are so heavy as we report the passing of Elsie Mae Lankford Helton.  She was 98 years old when the Lord

finally called her home.  She will be greatly missed.  Rest in Peace, Big Mama.  You were so loved!

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The Lake County Banner February 26, 2014



Roley and Elsie Mae Helton on their 50th Wedding Anniversary
December 14, 1983

5 Generations
Elsie Mae
Willie Mae
Skylar Mae

Our family is a patchwork,
with kindness gently sewn.
Each piece is an original,
with beauty all its own.
With threads of warmth and happiness,
it's tightly stitched together
To last in love throughout the years
Our family is forever!  
author unknown


The Helton Children
Willie Mae  *   Jack Raymond   *  Billy Gene  *  Martha Marie  *  John Robert  *  Paul Douglas





A Great Story from the Guest Book!

I don't know what it is about this comment page. I know that more people visit it than leave a comment. It is very cold here. Wish that more people would leave a note. Just hi would do.

When I was in service I had not written Mother in quiet awhile and I wanted to go into town (I was stationed in the Philippine Islands) and a friend volunteered to write this girl that I had been writing so I could go ahead and go. About a week later the Base Captain called Me to his office. When I went in (just knowing I was in trouble) He looked at me and said that it don't look like you have a broken hand. My friend had wrote that I had broke my hand was why he was writing for me and I don't have any idea how Momma got the address to write the captain and ask about me. Needless to say that never happened again. I wrote mother and explained what had happened. She wrote back and said that just a line to let her know that I was OK was good. So the next time I wrote I just wrote a line or two and the next letter I got said that you could write a little more. You don't realize how your parents miss and like to hear from you until you have kids of your own away from home.



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The Helton Home
Dunlap Farm
Ridgely, Tennessee

What a wonderful way to keep in touch with each other!  As we all grow older and the distance grows between us, it becomes more and more difficult to remain as close as we all once were.

This website is intended to serve not only as a family scrapbook, but "information central" for the Helton family.  No longer will we need to search for addresses, make dozens of calls, and even miss important family events because we were uninformed.  Some family members have chosen not to have their information posted on this site for fear their personal information might be misused.  I am sorry that they do not want to participate, but respect their option.  Please do not think that I am intentionally omitting their information.

Please use forum to keep close again!  A guestbook page will enable you to post information that we can see immediately.  Use this for prayer request, updated information, or even just to say "hello".

I consider it an honor and a privilege to be your webmaster.  Please e-mail or call me anytime you have questions.      MTH



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